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It’s November, and time to rightly re-establish upper lip hair as a gentlemans preferred accessory.  As you may have noticed, fuzzy wisps have started to reveal themselves under your friends/brothers/fathers/lovers previously smooth and sweaty snot canals.  These beautiful beginnings are for a good cause- prostrate cancer.  And Red Cat is joining the cause at Movember Canada.  The store will be staffed by moustaches.  Come join our team!  Anyone officially on our team (and yes, is growing a moustache for all the male participants) will get 10% off their most expensive cd/lp/accessory every time they buy at our store!  And all members/donators will be entered into a draw for a 50$ gift certificate at the end of the month.  Make sure to download photos.  And if you are feeling generous, you can donate online to a good cause.  At the very least, come check out our unique stylings at the shop!  All hands are on deck…

What could be more fun then a city full of moustaches?  Well.  Ford has provided us with a killer collage of disembodied heads with compromising facial hair (see above)- all belonging to musicians from early jazz to contemporary spazz sporting that era’s finest furry friends.  And he provided a legend!  So here’s the deal- check out the poster and legend above- you can click on the image for a larger version.   Give us your list as per legend, by email or drop it off at the shop- we will have handbills at the shop with the legend on the back if you like.  We are offering a 50$ gift certificate to the person who comes up with the most names on the poster.  Everyone else will be entered into a draw for a tshirt and 20$ gift certificate.



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  1. Vanessa on December 1st, 2010 9:32 pm

    Hey, i was just wondering when the Moustacheramma contest ends? There is no actual ending info listed and I don’t want to try to find out everything only to have the contest already be finished.
    Thanks :)

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